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“Hi. My mother, father and I have had an itsa beach towel ever since we saw them on dragons den years ago. We have just replaced them through wear and tear. 4 to 5 holidays a year. We think they are fantastic and give out your website address so many times when on holiday”

“Just wanted to say the ITSAs arrived and we had the chance to try them in this glorious weather and they’re great.

Not having an Ipod I found another use for the Ipod pocket – it’s a perfect fit for a bottle of chilled beer!!”

“Just back from Ibiza. We had 6 enquiries about our Itsa towels from others round the pool who were extremely jealous! Looking at their far-too-short for the lounger towels I did sympathise with them. One puff of wind and their towels were all over the place, while of course the Itsas stayed firmly in place!

I have recently ‘upgraded’ to an eco Itsa and now use my old one for my lounger in the garden.”

“I saw the Itsa on Dragons’ Den, and like so many others completely disagreed with their pessimistic opinions on your wonderful invention. I got straight on the web and ordered two (one for me and one for my friend) for my holiday to Cuba last October. I was beyond impressed with this product, I was constantly being asked where I got them from and the rest of the group were distinctly jealous! I’m off to Gambia in four weeks time with my mum, her partner and my boyfriend. My mum has just bought herself one, and I’ve bought one for my boyfriend. I also bought one for my friend’s birthday a couple of months ago! I think my bright pink Itsa and it’s pillow are the best thing since sliced bread, and tell everyone about them whenever a holiday is mentioned.

Thanks so much for keeping ‘everything at hand, nothing in the sand!’ – this is THE holiday essential!!”

“Anyway, thought you’d like to know – I’ve just returned from holiday in Mykonos in Greece with 7 others… 5 of us had ITSAs and we may have some photos to send you soon. And I have to tell you that I believe my ITSA saved my life! I had put a lighter in one of the pockets – and the lighter exploded into several pieces of rather sharp plastic. However, my ITSA contained the explosion and I was unhurt… The ITSA also survived, you’ll be pleased to know.”

“WOW, the games itsa was fantastic. Not only did out towel not slip but when we were fed up sunbathing doing nothing we had a game of chess, what a pleasurable way to brown your back. I cannot believe such a simple idea was not thought of before. well done for your brilliant simple idea.”

“My partner was given the classic itsa for her birthday and we went to spain last week and she used it for the first time, lots of people around the pool and at the beach were asking where she got it from so we gave them your web address off the label. I was very impressed with its practicality no more carrying two lots of beach bags with his an her towels in,sun tan creams,books and bottled water everything fitted into the itsa “FANTASTIC” . I must say i was quite jeaulous of her itsa “I WANT ONE” only if you are going to be making the soccer itsa could you make it with Manchester City badge on Please i dont mind if you want to make a proto type and offer it to me for advertising purposes free as my partner is longhaul Cabin crew for Thomson/Firstchoice who flies world wide ( well if you dont ask lol). I realy do think it is an excellent all around beach towel well done so simple an idea yet so practical.”

“I first saw the ITSA on holiday. I pestered the woman that had it as I was so impressed :0)

I got home Wednesday, got online on Thursday and ordered one …. I was totally astounded to find it had been delivered when I arrived home from work on Friday !!!!

fantastic product and a brilliant service …. “

“I was recently on holiday in Jamaica and I met some families from USA and they were fascinated with you product (which by the way was a life saver for not burning my back or feet!) and I have given them your website address and please expect large order as there was 2 families of over 20 in each group that will probably be placing an order. So the word is spreading around the world!!

Thank you so much for this amazing product”

“Yes I would like you to introduce the Soccer “ITSA”, my son would love it.

I bought 3 “ITSA’s” a few months ago for our summer hols, 1 for me, hubby & daughter, Corey Lemonier Jerseys didn’t think my 11 yr old would want one, boy was I wrong, they are the best sunlounger towel/bag ever, all he did was moan that his towel wasn’t long enough for his sunbed ! So I thought I’d go on your site & order him one for our next holiday in August, was about to order him the England Itsa, but then I saw the soccer itsa, & the Chelsea one, he’d love that towel

Can you tell me when these will be available,hope it will before we go away in august !

If you can just e-mail back to let me know, if they’ll be available soon, if not I’ll have to get him the England one.”

“I just wanted to say that I ordered this from you last week and it Baltimore Ravens Jerseys came within 24 hours. I used it and loved it so much, I am now ordering another 2!! My friends were very jealous! What a super idea and makes trips to the pool/beach a doddle. I especially loved the fact that it slips over the top of the bed so you are not fighting with the wind or gravity to keep it in the right place. The size is perfect for any size of lounger. The zipped pocket is great. (I have had a purse stolen from poolside before and this cannot happen with the itsa). The side pockets are also fab and perfectly sized for all your bits and pieces. Thank you!”

“I purchased this product at Bluewater a while ago and this is the first time that I have used this product, thus the feedback. We have just returned from 2 weeks holiday in Greece. As I was laying on the sunbed around the pool, I had so many people stop me and ask “where did I get that towel from”. They were very impressed. I do think that this should be advertised more, perhaps on the TV.

This towel did not move when I was laying down and did not blow away. Very comfortable and so convenient to put your sun bits in the side pockets.

Please pass on my thanks to the designer of this product.”

“I have just returned from a 14 day holiday on the Island of BOA VISTA in the CAPE VERDE Islands and received many comments regarding my ITSA from other holiday makers at the RIU ClubHotel at the resort, whilst sunbathing around the pool.

Naturally I passed on your website details and hope that you will receive sales enquiries in the next few weeks as a result.

By the way, there were 4 more ITSAS on site which were bought in SPAIN by a Belgian family about 18 months ago.! Obviously your fame is spreading.

Thought you would like to know of the interest in your product.”

“Dear “itsa”

last year we were staying at a 5 star all inclusive and they gave us one towel that did not cover the lounger, the canvas mattresses looked nice but we never saw them cleaned once, we were in Turkey in a 40 degree heat and the humidity was high, we were dripping in sweat like all the other holiday makers. I would suggest that you promote the length of the itsa more, this feature for us was worth the cost on its own, it was great knowing we were getting protection from other peoples filth. We congratulate you on a wonderful idea and I am sure the dragon’s got it all wrong, cruise lines will eventually come knocking on your door.”

“I ordered five “itsa’s” late on Wednesday, worked out that according to your information I could be looking forward to receiving them on Friday.

So, this morning I rose early and waited, at ten thirty there was a knock on the door and there they were.

I have to say that I am thrilled with the 5 itsa’s and just hope that the recipients of them (Christmas presents) are as thrilled as me. I ordered all different colours so there is no mistaking each others and I am looking forward to using mine on my holidays in 2009.

Thank you so much and I wish you luck in the future (I missed the dragons den programme and it is now not available on your site).

I just have one problem now, which colour to have for myself!”

“Seen a girl on holiday with one this year in Turkey and have looked everywhere to buy one like hers but couldn’t find it in any shops. Couldn’t believe it last night watching an old repeat of dragon’s – got straight on the computer!!!! I’ll tell everyone it is called an Itsa and where to get it

– Thanks I’m looking forward to receiving mine!”

“I have just returned from holiday and would like to say how fantastic the itsa towel is. It was great that it fitted the whole sunbed and you didn’t have to keep adjusting the towel. The pockets are great and makes it easy to keep everything neat and tidy. We had comments from other holiday makers who were impressed with our towels and I gave them the website. I bought mine from the Bluewater store where I was very impressed with the demonstration by yourself. It was so easy to follow. Usually when you go to demos when you get them home you can’t repeat, but this you can! I would def buy again, have already bought them for presents for friends and family. A wonderful product.”

“Having ordered your itsa’s after seeing them with another family last year, we have just returned from a two week holiday in cyprus using these fab products. I have already introduced them to lots of my friends who have also ordered them. Even my husband who thought they were unnecessary is now an ambassador of your product – he raves about them. We will now order two more for the children, who were extremely jealous of our neat organisation around both the pool and the beach!

I think that the soccer itsa’s are a great idea, however I have to agree with another comments that the white may get a bit dirty if it was all over the towel. I would really love a Derby County one for my son – but perhaps you would only manufacture the big clubs – what a pity. They would make really good presents for family and friends.

Keep up the good work – the itsa is a realy sensational product – wish I had thought of it!!”

“Ive just spent a week in Spain with friends, 2 of whom had your fantastic towels. Boy was I jealous!! They were particularly useful in the wind, as my conventional towel just wouldn’t lay flat long enough for me to get on my sunbed, but no problem with an “itsa”. Also useful for covering/protecting sunburnt heads and feet!!

I’ve come back enthused and plan to buy them for all the family now (stuff the Dragons!!) so was very interested in the soccer towels for my son. I would want a Liverpool version, but I think it would be more practical if the ends were coloured rather than white (maybe green or yellow), as I think it could show the dirt (the others shown have blue/red and yellow ends).

Good luck with your fab product!!”

“Just to let you know my Sun Lounger Towels have just arrived here at work and I am Cheap Baltimore Ravens Jerseys delighted with them some of the girls were here in the office when they came and I have just demonstrated how they work and they are all impressed. So I have now given your Web address to them so expect some more orders, can’t wait to use mine I think I will try it out on my Sun Lounger at home to-night.

Thank you again and good luck for the future”

“I’m just back today from a one week vacation in Cancun, Mexico where I saw a lady with one an Itsa lounge cover. We asked her if she had made it herself because it just seemed too perfect to be a store bought product. She said she received it as a birthday gift from her daughter and had opened it that morning and just loved it. She was from Britain and so wasn’t certain if it was available in North America. She gave me the information insert that came with the packaging and I was able to find your website.

I am located in the Toronto area in Ontario, Canada – is there a location here where I can purchase it or do you sell by mail? My husband and I can’t wait to get a couple of them to enjoy around our backyard pool and to take on our next tropical vacation!”

“WOW!! What more can I say???? Just got back from a week in Spain. Thanks to the “ITSA” it was so much more enjoyable. Comfy, hassle free and stylish. I have christmas presents all wrapped up now, I will be ordering a few more for my mates. Its the only thing they want in their stockings… Best looking sun bed around the pool. Passed on your website address many a time during the week… Good luck guys!”

“I was given an ITSA for a birthday present and thought what a wholesale baltimore ravens Jerseys stitched huge thing to pack and wondered just how useful it could possibly be. After using it the first time I loved it, the reason were:

It completely covered the sunlounger
I could put all my things in the pockets
My bottle of water fitted in the small pocket (and even took a glass of beer)
It really did stop my things getting sandy
I felt as though my belongings were safer than they would be normally

I just loved it after its first outing, wouldn’t be without it.

My five friends were all using a different coloured ITSA on a line of sunbeds and we certainly did have people talking about your product.”


I have just got back from my honeymoon in Las Vegas – we stayed at The Mandalay Bay and so therefore used our sun lounger towels everyday by the pools and man-made beach.

I have to say that I had sooooooooooooooooooooo many questions and comments about where I got them from and how wonderful they were…a lot of the people commenting were American and said they cannot find anything like these sun lounger towels, so I thought I would let you know that Las Vegas is crying out for these and if you aren’t selling them out there, then to get out there are sell them – you would make a fortune! Of course if you need a representative to go out there – Dom and I would go for another holiday!!!

All the best.”

“Hi Itsa team,

When your product was shown on the Dragon’s Den I thought it was a fantastic idea. Last month I was thrilled to see them for sale at Bluewater and bought 2.

I have just returned from a 3 week Carribean cruise with P&O and was pestered with people asking about your product. I had to do several demonstrations on how it folded up (memories of when I used to be an in-store demonstrator).

After a few days we went on-line and printed off your order forms and handed them out also. Many people said they wanted one for their next holiday and for Christmas gifts.

The Itsa is so comfy to lay on and the pockets hold everything you need. The big zip pocket at the bottom is ideal for your tee shirt/shorts etc. Well done on such a brilliant idea & product.

Good luck for the future.”


Not sure if this is the correct e-mail for this, but I would just like to say a big thankyou. We came back off of holiday last week, having taken 4 of your itsa’s and they were brilliant. Made the beach and pool an even better experience, not having to fuss around when layout towels or packing away at end of the day. The pockets and ties were excellent and they fitted every sunbed we used. We have just packed them away and the plastic cases they came in even make storing the itsa’s simple and easy. Once again, many thanks”

“We have just got back from a week in Turkey, I have to say my itsa was invaluable. Even my husband who was laughing at the beginning of the week soon had lots of his items in the pockets and admitted it was a very good idea and useful. I am thinking of getting him his own but I wont be going on hols without it again”

“Dear All,

I had to write to tell you how marvellous the itsa was.

I have recently come back from holiday where I lay on a sun bed for 7 days round a swimming pool.

Every morning I put my itsa on my sunbed with my book, water, suntan lotion, ipod, even my hat in all the right pockets.

All the people round me were fascinated by itsa and said what a wonderful invention, hopefully they will put orders in when they come back from their hols.

Wishing you all the success with itsa.

A very happy customer”


Just been on holiday and one of my mates had one of your towels. WHAT A TOWEL, it got nicknamed the swiss-army towel for the hol. Was wondering, other than the website, are they sold in stores. My mate bought his in Bluewater from a stand which probably was only temporary. Please let me know asap as i have another hol with a different group of mates and want one!!


“Hi there,

After you persuaded me to buy two Itsas one for me and one for my boyfriend Craig I took them to Turkey and everyone went mad on them and they are heading down to Bluewater to buy themselves one. They are absolutely brilliant.

You had better be at Bluewater otherwise my friend Jackie is going to have an attack of the paddies if she doesn’t get one!”

“My daughter bought your towels in Bluewater, i was so impressed she bought me som, we have a Condo on the Beach at Fort Myers beach and I shall make sure everybody there knows about them, then they will pester me to bring some over for them…….unless of course you can buy them over there, if so, where?

As for the ‘Dragons’ , I still don’t know how they made any money, peter Jones is OK, but that Scottish Prat ‘Ballantyne’, I would not invest one penny in him, he is an ignorant man who has no class, well he does actually, but unfortunately it’s all 3rd.

Good luck to you, go and make millions, then marry me, but hurry cos i am in my 70’s.”


We spotted the “itsa” being used whilst on hols in Cyprus; we had to ask where they had acquired the fab beach towels. We are now the owners of those fab beach towels and will be more than happy to tell others where they can acquire them for themselves.

PS Classy website!”

“I bought one of your fantastic towels for my recent holiday to Turkey. I’m just back and have to tell you that it’s the best £20 that I spent in preparation for my holiday. No fiddling with a crumpled towel falling down the sun lounger, no legs sticking to the plastic sun lounger at the end of an ordinary towel and everything is just to hand which is exactly what you need when your having a hard day at the beach!

I came back to you at Bluewater yesterday to buy two more as presents as it was so fab.”

“have just got one this week and most of my family and friends are now saying are gonna get one, i am off to egypt later on the year and will send you apic of me and my friends with them all!

hope business is good, keep it up!”

“We were at Bluewater today and were absolutely astounded after your demonstration, to learn that Dragons Den had refused to back you.
Well all I can say is ‘it’s their loss’; the bag is Marcus Mariota Youth Jerseys a brilliant concept. My wife and I bought two Emerald Green Itsas, one is being taken to Dubais for a friend so you can expect orders from there.
Eat your hearts out Dragons.

And PS……… Your website is fantastic.”

“Having recently visited your stall in Milton Keynes i would just like to say how great the experience they gave was. there service was first class, enthusiastic and pleasing, and im not one to say that very often when it comes to service in this town! so much so i purchased not only one for myself but also one for the better half!”

Hi David

It was very nice to meet you earlier today. I am still smiling about your product and your fantastic idea!
As discussed, I have forwarded your website details to everyone in my address book so who knows. I have also mentioned it to my contact at too – lets hope that you hear back from them too.
Good luck with this venture as I am sure that you will grow from strength to strength (even my husband was impressed!).”

“Just wanted to say what a fantastic idea this product is. I saw it at the Harlequin Shopping Centre and after seeing the demo bought two – rang my sister and she bought two just on my say so!!
These will be so useful on holiday – brilliant”

“Well – saw this in Bluewater last week with my Aunt and it couldn’t have been more up my street!! What a fantastic idea – so simple, but amazing that no-one has thought of it before – I haven’t stopped plugging it to friends since I bought mine and am really looking forward to my holiday so I can try it out (or a nice hot sunny day in the garden!).
Totally brilliant – good luck!”

“Hi Further to your email I eventually ordered 6 more towels via your website at 1.30pm, arrived today 23 hrs later to my workplace……….superb service………….THANK YOU
(Channel Islands)”

“I managed to get to Lakeside last night and got 3, for me and the girls at work! Just wanted to say we think they are a wicked invention, hope you do really really well!”

“Hi Sarah, Just to say thank you very much for the blue itsa I received it yesterday .Again Thank You for the very quick service”

“Towels arrived this morning they are fab – showed the internet site to a friend and I know she will be ordering some
Thanks for prompt delivery”

“Must tell you that I got my itsa from you late last year in Romford so hadn’t had a chance to try it out until last week when I took it for its first “outing” in Lanzarote. By the end of day one I could sense people nudging each other with whispers of “look at that towel” and subsequently from then on quite a few people strolled over to ask where I had got it from. By the end of the week one lady said she had been watching me with fascination all week at the way I rolled it all up at the end of the day. Hence I gave your web site address to several people so hope it brings in plenty of orders.

Anyway just wanted to say this is a brilliant “gadget” I can’t imagine ever taking an ordinary beach towel away again and will be ordering more very soon.

Thanks very much and good luck with the business.”

“I’ve just been given an Itsa as a birthday present and its absolutely fantastic! I saw it on Dragons Den and couldn’t believe they turned it down! Its such a fantastic idea and I was so impressed when I received it that I’ve ordered one for my mother-in-law’s birthday. Well done guys ~ keep up the good work. Best wishes.”

“We used our itsa in Cyprus last month, and drew numerous admiring looks and multiple questions – hopefully some would have borne fruit. Don’t know when our next holiday will be, but you can guarantee they will be coming with us again. Happy Christmas to you all, and wishing you an ever-more successful 2007.”

“Hi itsa team, I was pestered round the pool in Lanzarote in Sept. Hopefully you will have got a few christmas orders from all who pestered me. Great product, so easy to use and nothing gets lost.”

“My husband and I bought a pink and a blue itsa beach towel last august. We thought they were great – loved the extra length and the pockets and we would certainly not revert back to a standard beach towel.”

“I just wanted to let you know that my friend and I took our itsa’s on holiday in september and you wouldn’t believe the amount of people that asked us where we got them – we gave them your email address!! The itsa is my new must have accessory for all future holidays and I will be ordering some more as christmas gifts. A brilliant design, you should feel very pleased with yourselves!!”

“Goods arrived this morning. I ordered for my daughter as a surprise and she ordered two for me & her as a surprise so we got three this morning!

Thrilled to bits. Excellent idea. Thank you”

“Hi, they arrived safely this morning thank you. Only problem is we like them so much we’re giving them to friends as a wedding present for their honeymoon this weekend so I need two more please – same colours. My partner thinks it’s the best thing he’s seen in a long time!”

“Well congratulations on such an innovative idea – one of those ideas we wish we’d thought of! My partners exact words when he opened it was “that’s the best present I’ve ever had!”

I’m sure your success will grow as its one of those solid, well thought out, original products which everyone can use across the world.

Good luck for the future and I’ll certainly spread the word!”

“Dear Itsa Team,

Just returned from my holiday and had to let you know how much I used the Itsa. I don’t know how I survived before without it!

I bought two in late July after seeing it on This Morning, a pink one for my sister and a green for me, we both loved them. Thanks for a great product”.

“Received the itsa today and wow, gorgeous product!

“I flew Air Canada in July and saw your product in an in-flight magazine. On my return I bought 4… 2 for myself in the garden and for my frequent trips abroad, 1 for my mother’s birthday (she loves bags) and 1 for my best friend (she loves sunbathing) I just presented my mum with hers about 30 minutes before Dragon’s Den programme came on. I’ve never heard of it, she told me to watch because it was interesting… lo and behold, your product appeared before us! We sat there and repeated how fabulous we both thought it was. We can’t believe you had such negative feedback. I’d like to wish you EVERY success with your product. I think it’s the most unique, fabulous, perfect item for anyone who holiday’s in the sun, and anyone who loves bags!

I’m sure my best friend will be as thrilled as my mum was. Good luck.”

“We received our towels yesterday, I’m chuffed and so is everyone else I ordered for. They are ideal and I can’t wait for my holidays to put it into action. We particularly like the funky colours. Looking forward to any future products”

“I’m thrilled with the towel. Other holiday makers were in awe of it, as I had all my pockets etc organised and nothing covered in sand so you should expect a fair few orders in the future due to this.”

“I just wanted to confirm safe delivery of my two beach towels, which I ordered on Friday and received on Saturday – excellent service!

My husband and I saw your beach towels on Dragon’s Den and thought they were great. We especially like the extra long length, the pockets and the ties and can’t wait to use them on our summer holidays this year.

Finally, I would like to wish you every success with your growing business”

“I run my own business have a staff of 400 predominantly female. I will certainly plug the ITSA. Good luck and I hope you make your fortune!”

“A BIG thank you for sending my itsa towel by recorded delivery so that it arrived on time for my holiday tomorrow!

I can’t wait to use it on the beach or by the pool, I’m sure there will be lots of people who will ask me where I purchased my “fantastic towel” and I will tell them straight away…

Good luck with your business and I wish you every success for the future.

Once again, thank you!”

“I just wanted to take the time and trouble to say thank you for sending me the purple itsa towel for my mum.

It arrived by 1st class post on time and my mum was thrilled to bits with it!!!!

Thank you very much for the personal service I received. I wish you both and your company luck in the future… thanks again.”

“My Itsa’s arrived this morning – many thanks for the prompt and helpful service. It drew a crowd in the office when I opened it and everyone thought it was a genius!

Good luck with your business.”

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