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Dragons Den

Your e-mails and support have been quite overwhelming, and we would like to thank everyone for their kind words and encouragement.

Since filming the show, the sales figures have shown that, even without the Dragons, “itsa” success. 

We would like to thank you all for buying and supporting what is a very practical and simple idea.

David and Sarah Glashan


Just watched the Dragons slaughter you in the den. (It was a repeat on another channel). I was disgusted at their lack of imagination and lack of appreciation of your fabulous product.

When one of them said he had been selling them years ago, it was ridiculous what he said, because he said that his product didn’t have the pockets or the zipped section at the bottom. So, in actual fact he has NOT been selling the same product, has he. The whole idea behind your itsa was the zipped section and the pockets. I couldn’t believe that none of them saw that fact. But thankfully, we the viewers did and loved it.

I am greatly impressed with the itsa. Whenever I go to the beach, I always have difficulty in locating my sunglasses, book, sun creams, watch, jewellery, sun hat etc etc …. I think your invention of the itsa is fantastic. It stops everything dropping into the sand or getting splashed by the pool and, most importantly, it enables us to find our ‘things’ instantly. Oh and last but not least, keeps them safe and out of sight in the zipped section. The fact that you gather everything up in one go and carry it all back as a shoulder bag, just makes it even more fabulous.

Very well done. Thank goodness you didn’t give up after the appauling Dragons Den experience. I am so sorry they treated you so badly. I love the show, but was disturbed by that particular one.

Best regards and all the best for the future.

S (Manchester)” 

“Hi Guys

I ordered 2 Itsa’s yesterday – after leaving everything till the last minute as usual, and they have arrived this morning – well in time Kevan Miller Womens Jerseys for our hols on Saturday!

They are fab, and I can’t wait to be use them on our holiday in the Caribbean. 

I can’t believe the Dragons Den turned you down – more fool them !!

Good luck for the future and thank you.” 

“I’m going to guess that you’re going to have a lot of emails similar to mine. So, I’ll keep mine short… you’ve got balls bud! Bloody well done… kinda makes me proud to be British!” 


Just wanted to tell you we have just returned from 2 weeks on the Algarve with our ‘his n hers’ Itsa’s and wonder how we ever survived without them!! They were brilliant! No more loosing suncream in the sand, no more getting sandy ears with ipod earphones and best of all somewhere to put my bottle of ‘water”!! We bought them from you in Bluewater shopping mall and I could have sold at least 20 in the 2 weeks we were on the beach! Get yourselves over to Portugal!!

Thanks for a great invention and I hope you can put 2 fingers up to those awful Dragon people.

Well done. Simple but brilliant!” 

“Just had to tell you……

The Dragons Den is one of my fave programmes but boy did they miss out on this one !! I am absolutely over the moon with my pink one will most definately show it to all my friends & give them your web details to ensure your continued success.

My husband originally thought it a bit gimmicky & not very “manly” but now mines arrived he wants me to order a blue one for our hols in June !! men !! Will place a further order thru the website.

Hope you continue to prosper.” 

“Must say that I saw you on Dragons Den last night here in sweden! I THINK YOUR PRODUCT IS baltimore ravens Jersey logo FANTASTIC and should be sold Eddie Lacy Jerseys here in our stores!! (I looked it straight up on google) I hope to order it in time for next summer holiday!!

Stuff those dragons who didnt understand a good product in front of their eyes!

I think you have a super idea, and wanted to tell you!! Keep up the good work!!” 

“I’m an 18 year old student from Sweden.

I just saw on the TV that the Dragons were stupid enough to refuse your product. I think it’s a great product and i’m so bummed out that the Itsa baltimore ravens Jerseys for women is not available for us in Sweden.

Keep on the good work and i hope to se the Itsa establish a market in Sweden soon!” 

“My girlfriend and I saw you and your product on Dragons Den and could not believe the dragons didn’t invest with you….what an amazing idea. The girlfriend will be over the moon when she opens her xmas present!!!” 

“Stuff those dragons!

I saw your product on Dragon’s Den show tonight and just wanted to wish you all the best in the business and hope it succeeds. I think it is an awesome product and hope that one day you can tell those stuck-up Dragons you didn’t want nor need their money anyway” 

“Can I just say would never have thought about looking for such a great product on line if I hadn’t seen it on Dragon’s Den!

I wish you every success for the future with your venture.” 

“On the strength of tonight’s feature in “Dragon’s Den”, I’ve bought two.

Itsa brilliant, and your website is fantastic!

What an opportunity missed by the Dragons – hope you prove them wrong.” 

“The Dragons haven’t a clue! You don’t need them! You just go for it.

Congrats on such a fantastic product! Look out December when I’ll be ordering Christmas presents for all my girlie friends…” 

“I saw your product on the Dragons den last night and was disappointed for you bearing in mind that where we live here on La Costa Del Sol it would be an ideal product. Obviously the panel are too busy making money that they would never get a chance to go to the beach therefore wouldn’t realise just what a wonderfully practical item you have devised.” 

“I guess the dragons didn’t understand what a great product this is, as they probably do not go on package tour holidays!” 

“Just saw your product on the DRAGONS DEN and looked it up. I think it’s a fantastic product. Clearly they don’t do what the average person does when they go to the beach or they would know that women would LOVE that product. They were completely rude and unfair to you. Keep it up they will sell!!! I am going to buy one and tell my friends abouth them. Good Luck.” 

“Super idea!!!! Well done


My sister told me u were on dragons den and she knew I would love your product…and guess what,,, I think its brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good luck with it and I hope you do really well. I am going to spread the word they are great I will be ordering one. I will let you know how I get on with it when I visit windy Lanzarote. Excellent.” 

“Hope you sell millions, its’ a great idea.” 

“Hi, I have just been watching Dragons Den, and was disgusted at the way you were treated. I thought it was a great product and would well invest if I had the capital. I personnaly will be ordering some for presents for birthday and xmas.” 

“Dragons lair…

“We like em loads were gonna order 2 soon so forget the dragons” 

Watched the prog last night. Well done for standing up to them and judging from last nights prog they do not like it back at them.

I will be buying for my wife’s next trip to Turkey. Once again well done xcln product and presentation” 

“I think the “Dragon’s Den” have given you a huge opportunity, they were stupid not to invest! I have sent your website out to all my friends, as I was watching the programme it interested me straight away. Good luck with the product..” 

“I saw your itsa on Dragons Den last night and think it’s a great product!

Those Dragons are a bunch of old misery guts and you should baltimore ravens Jerseys wholesale not be deterred by them! Their loss – not yours I’m sure!” 

“Just a word of encouragement…

Having seen your feature on Dragon’s Den and now your website I wanted to drop you a line.

Although I am not in situations presently where I could use your all-encompassing beach bag myself (but have been in the past), I wanted, nevertheless to send this word of encouragement to “keep going” as I think you have an excellent product and deserve to succeed. Your website is very professional, succinct yet attractive with all the relevant detail/and option range. Good luck! Hang in there and I am sure you’ll make it. 

“I have just seen your product on the BBC’s Dragons Den, well they obviously didn’t know what they are talking about! As a ravel professional myself and being tall I think it’s a great idea. I usually end up with two towels to make sure the whole bed is covered! 

“By the way my husband says I should tell you that he thinks Duncan Ballantyne is a prat for not believing in your product” 

“Stuff the Dragons!!!

We can’t believe you had such negative feedback.

I’d just like to say I wish you every success with your product. I think it’s the most unique, fabulous, perfect item for anyone who holidays in the sun, and anyone who loves bags!”